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At Torch, we understand that parenting is difficult. Throw in unfettered internet access, and it becomes almost impossible.

Our mission is to make parenting easier by protecting children online. We want to help families harness the power of the internet, leverage the good and block out the bad.

Want to join us on this mission? Email us at for more information.

When you email us, please include:

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  • A little bit about yourself and your business
  • Why you want to partner with Torch
  • The type of partnership you are interested in: affiliate, reseller, ambassador, etc.

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What People are Saying About Torch

"I've only had mine connected for 24 hours, but so far, so good. It was very easy to set up, and I've already felt like I've had more control over my kids screen time. I really like that I'm able to control what they are doing and pause it when needed."

Mother of 2

Verified Buyer

"It's great for my kids I don't have to worry anymore about "accendental sites" I also have my kids earn there Internet time now boy do chores get done faster :) mostly I am excited about the safety and it was so easy to hook up!"

Mother of 2

Verified Buyer

"Exactly what I hoped it would be! Easy to set up and very effective!"

Father of 4

Verified Buyer

"I'm able to control what my kids see on the computer, where they go on the internet and for how long"

Father of 2

Verified Buyer

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