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How to setup your Torch WiFi Router:

  1. Turn off and disconnect your current router. If you have a router/modem combo unit, leave your unit on and connected.
  2. Connect your Torch Router to the LAN port of your modem or router/modem combo unit and power cycle the unit while the Torch is plugged in and powered up. If you don’t have a modem, the ethernet cable will plug into the wall ethernet plug. Make sure your ethernet cable is plugged into your Torch WAN port (the port with a globe above it, closest to the power supply).
  3. Plug in your Torch Router to turn it on. The light will flash intermittently, eventually turning off completely. Wait 5 minutes for Torch to pull in the latest updates. (Please note: if you do not wait 5 minutes, evil clowns may follow you around for the rest of the week.)
  4. Connect wirelessly to your Torch WiFi network (preferably with a laptop or tablet) using the default password: letitshine. (Please note: at this time you must setup your Torch Router over a wireless connection.)
  5. Once you are connected to the Torch WiFi network, navigate to
  6. Click on the blue ‘Are you setting up Torch? Click here’ button to create an account.
  7. Input your account details and click Submit.
  8. A verification code will be sent to your cell phone. Enter the code and click Submit.
  9. Configure your router settings including: changing your network name, setting the timezone, and changing your password. Once configured, click Next.
  10. Your router will reboot. This process will take 5 minutes and will be indicated by a countdown timer on screen.
  11. After 5 minutes, or the timer on page reaches zero, reconnect to your newly renamed Torch WiFi Network.
  12. Once reconnected to your Torch Network, click Next. (Please note: if your setup window closes or disappears, please wait the full 5 minutes then navigate to and login to resume setup at this step.)
  13. Create profiles for each child. Once profiles for all of your children are created, click Next.
  14. It is now time to add additional devices to your Torch Router. Connect your additional devices to Torch using the network name and password you created during setup.
  15. Once connected, devices must be placed in a profile to access the internet. From the unassigned devices list, move each device to the appropriate profile. Once all devices are assigned to a profile, click Finish. (Please note: you do not need to login to from every device or install anything on any device. Add unmonitored devices like Nest Thermostats, adult laptops, and smart TVs to the Grownups profile.)
  16. You will now be redirected to your Parental Dashboard.
  17. From your Parental Dashboard, you can customize child profiles, add additional devices, update your settings and block categories and websites. (Please note: changes to profiles including pausing, bedtimes, and blocked content, can take up to 1 minute to take effect.)
  18. Sit back and relax. Welcome to Torch!


Common Questions During Setup

  1. What does the Grown Up profile do?
    Answer: Devices in the Grown Ups profile have unlimited access to the internet and cannot be blocked, paused, or filtered.
  2. Can I place Torch behind my current router?
    Answer: Yes. Once Torch is plugged in and connected, you will need to power cycle all network devices before attempting setup.
  3. How do I block Facebook?
    Answer: You can block all social media content using the social media category or blocking the URL explicitly (


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