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What Does Torch's Dynamic Internet Filtering Do?

Child Protection

The Torch WiFi Router with Dynamic Internet Filtering gives you the tools you need to keep your kids safe online.

At Torch, we believe parenting kids online should be the same as parenting them offline. So we’ve created a service to help you do just that. Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering lets you pause the internet with the push of a button, set internet bedtimes, protect your kids from inappropriate content, and see real-time insights on where they’re going online.

Internet Categorization and Filtering

Torch’s proprietary categorization and filtering system - Dynamic Internet Filtering - is constantly crawling the internet and categorizing websites, including new sites and updates to existing sites. Within the Torch interface, you have the ability to allow or block each category, for each child, with the simple push of a button.

Our proprietary filtering system uses advanced technology to analyze each website, giving you the option to block bad content while allowing good content. Want to only allow educational content? Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering makes it easy to allow specific types of content while blocking others, letting you turn the internet into a force for good.

Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering also gives you control over social media, by letting you block Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and more. That control lets you measure how much time your children are spending on those websites, and ensure that they are only on social media sites in a controlled environment.

Block Porn

With Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering, blocking porn and other adult content has never been easier. With one click, you can prevent all profiles from accessing adult content.

The internet is littered with pornography and adult content that you don’t want your kids seeing. With the pronography blocker inside Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering you can rest assured knowing that your kids won’t be able to find or accidentally stumble upon adult content.

As always, with Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering, you as a parent are in control. In the blocking section of your parental dashboard you can toggle on or off the pronography and adult content blocking feature. By default, this feature is turned on (pornography is blocked) for all child profiles.

Block Malicious Websites

Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering has built in functionality to block botnets, phishing sites, keyloggers, and more. In the blocking section of your Parental Dashboard, you can see that these categories have been blocked by default.

Blocking malicious websites not only helps keep your kids safe, it helps keep your devices and personal information safe. Many websites may appear safe to a young child, but in reality can contain malware that can infect your computer. Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering pre-categorizes these websites and blocks them from being visited, making sure no malware is downloaded to your devices.

Pause the Internet

The average child spends 6-9 hours per day on a device of some form. With Torch, your child’s internet has a pause button. From your Parental Dashboard, you can pause the internet with the push a button for each child or for all users. You can choose how long you want to pause the internet for, or just leave it off indefinitely.

We’ve all been there. It is time for dinner or it’s getting late and homework isn’t done, and your child won’t get off the internet. With Torch’s pause button, you can shut the internet off with a push of a button.

Set Bedtimes

Schedule bedtimes to make sure your kids aren’t staying on the internet all night. With Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering, you no longer have to fight with your child about when it is time to turn off their devices. Based on a schedule you set, the internet will turn off each night, and won’t turn back on until the next morning.

You set bedtimes at the profile level, so each child can have a unique bedtime. Does your youngest need the internet off at 7pm, but your oldest can stay on until 9pm? Simple. With Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering, giving your internet bedtimes has never been easier. And best of all, bedtimes are easy to change. Simply login to your parental dashboard and you can adjust the time you want your internet to shut off for that particular child.

Safe Search

With the push of a button, Torch lets you turn on safe search for Google, Bing, and Youtube.

Most safe search functions work through a specific browser or account on a browser (think having to login to your Chrome browser). This solution doesn’t work for most families; it must be set up on each browser on each device, and it’s pretty easy for kids to get around.

With Torch, we make enabling safe search easy. With the push of a button you can turn it on for your whole home. Safe search helps prevent your kids from accidentally stumbling upon age inappropriate content. It also prevents questionable material from showing up in recommended videos or google images.

Reporting & Insights

With Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering, you know what your child is doing online. You can see what websites your child has visited, which category of website they spend the most time on, and see how much time they’ve spent online in the past day.

The average child spends 6-9 hours online a day, and most of the time parents have no idea what their child is doing during that time. With Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering, that changes. Now parents can see which websites their child visits, what type of content they are consuming, and more.

Remote Management

You can login to the Torch Web App from any device, anywhere. Simply navigate to your Parental Dashboard at using your ser, login, and you’re set!

Busy at work while your kids are at home? It’s easy to login to your Parental Dashboard and see how much time your kids have spent online and which websites they’ve visited. Think they need a break? You can pause the internet with Torch’s remote management features as well. With Torch’s Web App, you are in charge of your home’s internet, even when you’re away.

Customizable for each Child

Torch’s Dynamic Internet Filtering organizes devices based on a profile system. This system provides you with the most control and flexibility, giving you the freedom to set up Torch to best fit your home.

With Torch’s profile system, you can organize devices by person, or give each device it’s own profile. Does each child have his or her own device - your daughter has her iPad and iTouch, your son has his iPad and Laptop? Organize your devices by child so that it is easy to see how much total time each child has spent online, what websites they’ve visited, and all devices for that child turn off at the same time.

Does your family share devices? Not a problem. You can give each devices its own profile, and change the settings for that profile based on who is using it. It’s also super easy to move devices between profiles from your Parental Dashboard, so you can always move a parent’s device to a child profile for temporary protected use.

Gigabit Router

Torch can provide up to 1 gigabit internet speeds, meaning that for almost all homes in the US, Torch will be as faster or faster than your current router. And best of all, Torch works with your existing Internet Service Provider.

Torch is designed to keep up with today’s multi-device, high speed internet world. When we designed Torch with families in mind, we understood that families have many devices that all want to be online at the same time. One device might be watching Netflix, another watching a football game, a third playing Xbox. We built Torch to handle this level of use, to keep big families online and connected.

Simple Setup

Torch is designed to be the easiest to use router on the market. In 5 minutes or less, even the most non-technical user can be up and running.

When you set up Torch, you are guided through admin account creation, device adding, and setting profile customization.

The admin account creates a secure login to your Parental Dashboard. This ensures that only you can access the settings for your family’s WiFi. When you add devices, you can choose which profile each device belongs to. This lets you customize bedtimes and accessible sites by device or by child.

State of the art wireless internet technology

Torch takes fast to the next level. Our Gigabit router comes equipped with the latest 802.11 ac technology wireless internet technology. Torch includes both 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz and 802.11 a/ac/n 5GHz networks. We use band steering to optimize your performance across those networks, pushing you to the 5GHz whenever possible for better overall performance.

With a Gigabit LAN and WAN port, and 6 smart antennas, the Torch router will keep all your devices humming along with optimum speed and power across your entire home.

What People are Saying About Torch

"I've only had mine connected for 24 hours, but so far, so good. It was very easy to set up, and I've already felt like I've had more control over my kids screen time. I really like that I'm able to control what they are doing and pause it when needed."

Mother of 2

Verified Buyer

"It's great for my kids I don't have to worry anymore about "accendental sites" I also have my kids earn there Internet time now boy do chores get done faster :) mostly I am excited about the safety and it was so easy to hook up!"

Mother of 2

Verified Buyer

"Exactly what I hoped it would be! Easy to set up and very effective!"

Father of 4

Verified Buyer

"I'm able to control what my kids see on the computer, where they go on the internet and for how long"

Father of 2

Verified Buyer

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